Deutschland Casino Games

However, after the War, with the outbreak of the Cold War, there was gambling only in the Western side of Berlin, where the American were, of course, happy to impose their capitalistic beliefs onto their new German citizens. It was during this period that the Speilbank casino was opened. In this new and improved casino there were still no slot machines, however, all the favorite casino games were present, and there were very many visitors the the new casino.

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When the wall fell, there arose a new demand for entertainment in the new and unified Germany, and so the Spielbank was moved to its new quarters. In this, the gambling Jewel of Europe, there are three floors. The bottom one is dedicated solely to the slot machines, and there there is no dress code. You can come and go as you wish wearing what you please. The top two floors are the Casino Royale, and in this casino are all the famous casino games, and there is a dress code. On these two floors are the greatest games such as poker, craps, two kinds of roulette and keno.