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Casino di Venezia in Vittoriosa, Italy Reopens

Casino di Venezia in Vittoriosa has reopened this week after the casino license was revoked by the ItalianGaming Authority last July 17.

The spokesman for the company said the casino is now operating after three weeks of shut down. The casino has finally passed the Italian Gaming Authority requirements.

Due to the shut down, Casino di Venezia has encountered a loss of hundreds of thousands of lira.

In order to avoid the incident that had lead to the revocation of the license, the casino board of directors have placed the right people to man the supervisor and management positions.

The newly appointed general manager will be from Malta and the assistant manager will be an Italian from Venice.

The Italian Gaming Authority required the casino to have a highly eligible general manager and had accepted the casino boards plan.

According to the Italian Gaming Authority, a casino cannot continue operation without the appropriate segregation of duties.

The cancellation of the license was due to the insufficient human resources of the casino as the general manager was also sacked along with fourteen other staff members.

Fourteen casino staff have been fired after a disgraceful incident happened on the night of the World Cup finals.

The casino is now in the process of hiring others and has gathered the remaining staff to received adequate training to prevent future incidents of the sort.