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There is only one casino in Berlin, and it is know n as the jewel of Europe. The Spielbank Casino in Berlin is know as one of the largest casinos in Europe, but is surprising that there is only one casino in one of the richest countries in the world. This is especially thought-provoking when you consider all the money in Germany that goes to education and foreign aid, when all that money could go to gambling. However, it has been suggested that this is because of the governments' policy, that it prefers that the German people not gamble.

Gambling in Germany has had its ups and down. From the middle ages, it was considered a center for gambling, when Charles the great like to play cards with his courtiers and bet with them what country he would invade next. In those days, there were of course no casinos, but the card games were in the palace. This situation continued until the outbreak of World War II, when the Nazi regime outlawed all forms of gambling as counterproductive to the war effort. In this way the Nazis hoped to save money on gambling and instead divert all the money into invading their neighboring countries.

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